Twitch​.​Live (Acoustic)

by Ryan Adam Olmedo

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Live on Twitch, free-form acoustic performances over the years (2013-2016). This album also includes a few recent original writings relative to my life at the time. Enjoy! *Lyrics can be found by mousing over the song name and selecting "lyrics" to the right of the song name.

~ 'Twitch.Live: Acoustic Volume 1'. Stay inspired! (;

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released February 7, 2016

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Ryan Adam Olmedo Coral Springs, Florida

Bringing passionate original music from our hands and ears to yours back home!

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Track Name: We All Fall
so many things gone by
today I cry and I don't know why because I feel so good inside
reflecting on my past time got me feeling so alive
though I know we mean well and if we fail at least we know we tried
so spread your arms and see to new skies, it is time to fly
climb the highest mountain and stand tall, take yourself to new heights

we all fall
and you know that I'm still lifted
we all fall
and you know that we are all gifted
we all fall
well go on and get back up again
we all fall
well you know that we are all tryin'
~(well you know that we are all lifted)
Track Name: Come Find Me
I wanna fly, way up high over
the mountains, oh love, can you find me
Climbing up into the sky, oh, high love
so high up over me
Can I find you somewhere along,
along the stars, open breeze
Igniting the sky, flame high, sun, I can feel breathing
And against your eyes, my mind comes fading in
And in your eyes, I can see my only dream love
To find you somewhere along the stars, guiding
Guid me, guide me through

Like a spark, when you ignite me
All my lights begun flashing
in my mind, I begin losing all possibility of ever thinking
I'm sinking, knee deep, oh love, won't you come save me
I need you, and I hope you need me

Love, I am close and climbing
I can feel you, but I'm cold and blinded
By the star light, and I will soon find it
Just where I need to be

Now I'm close behind babe,
and I know that I will soon shine in
With my Light
Shine bright, so that you can find me

Still searching love...
Searching Love...
Searching, oh...

Still searching, Love...
Searching, wonder, oh...

Still searching, Love, you know I'm hurtin'
Oh, Love won't you come find me
I'm Shining bright
Standing here, up for your light
Track Name: Love Trip
Well I'm down,
and I'm still hurting
Oh, and it's been many times that I've seen you around
Around him
So I know just this time where it is your mind
Has gone
And I feel, and I know that you feel
Just how I've been mistreated

Oh, Love
Can you feel this room getting heated now

Well I know that your Momma knows, and your Daddy knows
Just what you've done
And I can feel
Oh, I can feel the pain deep down in your dark heart

And now baby, tell me now do you understand
Just how you've affected
People in your life now, Love, now You
You've gone with your choices

Don't Love anybody that you won't ever
Remember by the time you've gone and sold
All over now, and I've gone much depleted

But I know that my blood is fire
And I will keep on ignited

You can't go anymore, I've gone and find my plain
You can't go anymore
Love, I have begun this sane Love trip of mine

Now there ain't much left
So where you gonna go this time now that it's all gone
I said now where you gonna go this time, now that it's all gone
Where you gonna go this time, now that it's all said and done
Where you gonna go this time, now that you've been proven wrong

Oh now I know that your Momma knows, and your Daddy knows what you've done
So I feel that this time, somewhere, the fire has already begun

Love, try and set me away
But I said, Love, I will set myself apart from this tide
Oh, from this time
...From this time
I've got to get out of this town
Track Name: Believe
Feeling good this morning,
feeling like we should
Do anything in our minds that we knew we would

If you just wake up and set your mind to positive vibes
you will find that here in your mind
anything that comes your way
you can turn into whatever it is that you make and then
when you find what it is you're searching for
you can go out into the world

love now baby, you find it makes you crazy
well some times everything can do

And may as well maybe, if you cannot take your mind
and understand everything can happen to you
at one time just as it can
to anyone living in this promise land

but you find that here in your mind that
everything can be more simple if you just set aside
everything in life and just live it
set aside all that is stressing your mind
set aside everything in life and just live it
let all that is inside and continually give it
cause you know just what you need
it's always been on your mind
and you can feel as you recieve
energy, love, coming from you and I

Your mind is a precious thing
Understand this and don't fall into greed
cause when you see the truth that lies beneth
your heart and soul will open whole and wide, now baby
dry your crying eyes, oh now, now you are soon to find
as you step over your plateau that's been holding you back all this time

let your mind sink in, let your body sink deep
let your eyes see clear, for now you understand why it is you're here

oh now, now, let your body move, and groove
let your soul wake and take on the world, baby now
what you gonna say to me
when you go on and wake up every single morning

you've got to Believe now baby
you've got to take your life, and tell me now just what you see
you've got to Believe now baby, oh tell me now
what is it that you wish to be now baby
Track Name: Guide Me
Sun is shining and I know
That I can feel the air, I feel it so
Coming down from the clouds, oh now
Now you know

When it feels so good, carry me
over the ocean floor Love
Lift my wings, as I begin flying

All around, you can feel the positive energy
And you know, as I can tell everything is feeling so good
Around here, just the way it should

So now, take your mind and just be free
For all the living things
In your past time as you go through all your memories
In this life time as you see all the scenery

And I am drowning in a sea of Love
when I stare in your eyes girl
And you stare back into mine, oh
I know just where it is I find
The peaceful memories of mine
Oh, the peaceful memories entwined between us all
Between us all

And how I fall
Oh, with your wings you guide me
Over the sea, over the ocean floor Love
Track Name: Shine On
we take what we know
we give what we owe
we live and we glow
we learn to let go
now go and walk away, listen what I say
it don't make it any better any other way
we are still the same

now shine on go ahead and shine your light
don't fade out it's gonna be alright
we are still okay (you are not to blame)

shine bright, and lift your spirit high
lift yourself higher than eternal sky
we are here to stay

go and lead a stray, wishing what you may
we are still the same this won't change a thing
you are not to blame (we are still okay)

other happenings over diamond rings
these are just a thing, we need to dance and sing
we are all the same

we break, and we slow
we live, and we glow
we give what we know
we learn to let go
Track Name: Overflow
You've got to be
Everything on your mind that you see
if you wanna live then go out and live
if you wanna grow than choose your mind
keep it all open for all to know
and let the differences subside

Love, let your energy show
and your movements overflow
don't it feel so good
oh, the way it should

Mmm, all night and day
mm, yeah
Take me away, take me (eeeeeee)
love, love, love don't you see
This conspiracy between you and me

Take me away to another place
that I cannot describe
Here in my mind
as the destination I wish to achieve

oh love, don't you let me fall behind
I know, I know, I know my girl
everything that you are
gonna take it away to a blissful situation
somewhere it may bring
happiness and around this world
it'll sing, echoing all the peaceful things
that live harmoniously

Oh, everything that is in this world living
don't you know
wont you let your mind and body go
and separate what you know
from the reality that your told
let everything be as it is
well it may and we'll say
for ourselves I do wish to stay

Here in this world
So don't take me out yet
I would be selfish if I said
that I have no regrets
So baby, wont you take me out
of this hole, enclosed cage of mine

I've got to find where it is I belong
Sing it in a song
Now, now let yourself go
Energy love, out into the world

And everybody now, everybody knows
Let your mind and body overflow
Track Name: Let Yourself Go
Can you take a breath in with me
Can you open up your eyes and begin to see
All your imagination, all your dreams
Everything overcoming

And when you feel it go
Just let it go...
Let it be...

Can you feel inside your mind
The inspiration that decides
Where it is you lead your life
So take your mind

And think about it
Just sit and think about it
Sit and think about it

Just think about it

In your dreams do you find
The ocean that defines
All the ideas inside your head
That's been throughout your life

And when you take a dip in
You're quickly reminded
Of everything that you've lived
And all you've decided

So let your mind sink in
Right now, don't you try it
Let your mind sink in
Just sit with me and take a breath in

Oh won't you breathe
Take in the life and lets
Feel the blissful life in
A life in our memories
No time to think about negative
It's all about smiling

Let your mind sink in
Into the oceans that define your life
Here inside your mind
Here inside your mind

Now, don't you believe it
Here inside your mind, you can achieve in
Anything that you see in your self so
Don't ever take for granted
All that you love and understand
For what you may see may soon go away in time

Go ahead and give yourself to the World
But don't expect anything
And you will soon find yourself exactly where you know you need to be

Go ahead and find it, You won't, You Go and
Don't you try and hide it
Go ahead, don't you find it
Don't you try to hide it

In the oceans of your dreams, Oh
You feel it so
It's time to let yourself go
Crash on the shore

Don't you try and hide it, you've got to find it
And let yourself go, right now out into the world

Go ahead and find it, you've got to try it
Go ahead and try it, if you can find it
Go ahead and deny it, if you let your mind sink in
You cannot question or defy it, this is the realism
Let your mind sink in, listen to all that you know and believe... Just believe...
Track Name: Anything You Dream
Well you could start your fire
And you can watch it burn
But can you keep that ignition
On yurnin' for

All that you know
Your one and only soul
Keep your body rockin'
Now you know, Rock don't Roll

Let your mind free, and you can be
Anything that you dream
Ooohh, all you got to do is believe, Love

Have a little faith now,
It don't matter what it is,
As long as you put your mind to it, Love

Now you understand after all this time and
All that you know, or think you know

Does it really ever matter,
Or is it gonna to turn into a disaster
If you don't get what it is that you need
Is it really ever what you need, or is it only just
What you want in your mind?

You've got to decide the difference of
The Love between us all
And is it ever really worth it,
You've got to decide

Oohh oooohhh
in all, just be yourself
Track Name: Soul Searching
There was a time ago,
many years, I can assure you she remembers it all

And when we were so young, together
Waking up every morning in the same bed
to the same sun whenever

Pleased to be here and pleased to meet ya
I know that I've been gone, soul traveling so long

Tell me where you've gone
So many years now
Oh baby now, I've been dieng here for your Love
Keep it long, a long time away
I've been dieng here for your Love
I need it all, come on and stay

Stay here with me, oh now
Now, Love, don't you understand where I'm coming from?

Oh now, now, Love, don't you understand where I'm coming from?

Oooh, I know that you do understand baby now you..
I know that you do understand, now baby don't you?

Don't ever let me go
Darlin', Love, hold me so close

Oooh, uhh

That's the answer we're after, Love, yeah
Ooohh, now you know where it's comin' from
Track Name: Set Yourself Free
Girl I've been on my own
For long it seems, yeah
and I know what's shown
we're all gonna get it going
today yeah

Let it be all gone, away
let yourself go out into the atmosphere

I wanna drive you crazy, baby
cause you know every day you amaze me
you make me go so crazy for all your love
to get every bit of, all of it is on my mind
cause baby, you know I try
and I'm gonna love you until the day I die
my baby, every thing's gonna be alright
Oh, it'll be okay

My love, my baby girl
You understand just the way I feel
you could try and break me, you can try and take away my love
but there's one thing that I am grateful for
and it's right here in my arms, gonna set this world free
then everyone can finally live happily

Ohh, my love, Lovely baby
open your eyes, come and see
Track Name: Destination
I've got a deeper side of love
you've got me feeling so good
and I knowx3 that I could
and I knowx3 that you wish I would

but the timing ain't always on,
and the feeling ain't always right
and some times the destination tends to slip outta sight

when I'm feeling good over you
and you're feeling good over me
the argument is so simple,
yet there's still something we didn't see

our lives far from over
there is no place that I would rather be
Our lives far from over
When we didn't think of love, we only thought selfishlyx3
When I didn't think of us, I only thought of me

I've got a deeper side of love, yeah
and it's over you, oh, yeah
so don't you let me go, no
I've got to have... you..?

Track Name: Simple Love
Well I was walking down my way
had to stay just a little while longer
in my mind took a break
and then I sang a song for her

Many times I did wake in the time night time but I still
continue in my way, baby

If you need something, then I probably will
do it for you cause you know my love instills
every promise that I've ever made for you, baby
mmm, now tell me you want me to stay
oh love, baby for you now

Tell me that you want me to stay, now baby love

Any time of day, any wish you may
Mmm, I won't prohibit it baby
Just tell me exactly what you need, yeah
Cause you know that I ain't a mind reader, baby
I can assume, but you won't like the way that the attitude comes in this room
when you're going into my mind

And when I fall deeply into your mind
This time I now, now you find
everything that you sow, dear baby
and I don't think you like it at all, ohh
If you look too deep, some times you just got to let it go
If you fly too far then you know
just how far you can take it baby
but if you fall than you are sure
to come crashing down, crashing now

I can feel it in my soul...
Track Name: Drive Me Mad
Well she said all my loves been hurtin
well tell me honey, could you tell me was it ever worth it
and everything that you've done, tell me could you stare into the sun
with those truthful eyes
and I would want to hold your heart to the skies
and see if God would smite this life of mine, or
would you take everything that you know and understand
the study of the flow
love baby wont you come on down and follow
I don't understand you sometimes but I don't mind cause
I understand that it aint always right inside of my mind
so I wont jeopardize ALL of our love simply just because
everything some times does eventually go wrong
but I don't mind because I've found time and time and time and time and time goes on
again, and again and again
oh it goes on again, oh love, love love love love
don't you understand well the way that I am is constantly revolving around
I am always ever, ever changing inside of my mind everything is revolving
in time time time time, time time time time, time time time time
you know it's always changing, rearranging this world ever losing our minds
oh baby, in this world that you call yours and mine
oh lovely, honey now could you tell me, could you tell me if it was ever worth it all
oh now you know, now you know
now you know baby, now you know
oh now you know baby because I have opened up these doors out into the world
so if you were to open your eyes and look out into the sun
could you tell me was worth it all
oh baby, oh lovely, lovely honey tell me was worth it all

love, lay your body down, down down down
lay all your love, all of your lovely down down, down
down down down (many more downs)

Lay all of your love down
oh love love love, love love love, oh love, lovely lady o-mine
I know how to drive you wild
ooh and you know how to drive me mad
Track Name: Kindle
I see the greener trees,
and love around the leaves
and all the Earth grows and intuition it shows
break away from dreams and let your life show what it seems
let your mind open and your heart show exactly what it means

And when you open your eyes
oooh, share your love with me
and into your arms I will sleep again, yeah

Ooooo, take a breath in with me
and simply learn to breathe again
and I will show you how it is my friend
OooMmmm, I can be a wild flow grown along the shore
and I am certainly certain about you and who I am

So take your plans and open up your mind, and your arms
and your love to me
oh, I wanna see you spread your arms and and fly along
the Oceans breeze, baby

'cause I will be your be your Kindle baby,
if you will be my flame, yeah
and we will be the greatest fire this world
has ever seen

Ooh, yeah, I will be your kindle baby, oooh
if you will be my flame, mmmhmm
and together we will be the greatest love that this world
has ever known, oooo

Now open up your eyes, and your mind, and your arms
and your love with open doors

Let your mind out and bring it all open
for everyone to see
Let yourself be exactly who you know you are to be baby,
Oh mine, you know that every single day I've known you
you've always been lookin' so fine

And, know that I will be your Kindle, babe
If you will be my flame
And you know that we will be the greatest fire
that this world has ever seen, ooh my

I will be your kindle yeah, Love, if you will be my flame, baby
and together we will be the greatest love that this world has ever known
has ever told of our Love, growing old together baby, we can be so bold
and nothing can stop our Love, singing on and on and on

Oh love, I will be your Kindle
if you will be my flame