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Improvised jams and original works throughout the year. Contributors: Ryan Adam Olmedo (guitar/vocals), William Hensley (lead guitar, percussion), Evan Bernard (drums, bass), Jonathan Woodward (drums). Don't forget to check out the following artists with the links below:

William Hensley: www.youtube.com/channel/UCsn59zPehfntyZbq9WcS6_A

Evan Bernard:

Jonathan Woodward:


released October 28, 2014

Journey of a Blackbird 2014



all rights reserved


Ryan Adam Olmedo Coral Springs, Florida

Bringing passionate original music from our hands and ears to yours back home!

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Track Name: Intro / Gotta Find - ft. Will Hensley
Well I've been walking on for days
and I, I can feel the sun on my skin
sinking in the sand
I know any day where I am
going on, my life is going it's gone
continue right on every day
but I know that if I follow my heart I'll find my way, hey
everything will

for what you learned comes from someone else
and you can always find your way
if you do, you're gone to the sea, love
tell me what you see, love all
all of your loves gone lost because
your mind seperate all things to me
and you think now, everything is distraught

ooh, love love, love,
love love, love love
love love, I said, love love, love love, yeah
love love, love oooohh

Everything that you know will soon some day
like the ocean will begin to swallow it all down deep
and when it's gone everything that you know is gone away
tell me if you think that you can survive on one single thing

your life is only but the only one and single thing
where your spirit energy go on and commence everything
that you feel, that you see, that you breathe, that you make
that you find and create, it's all there for you

did you really think that one person is so special as to be only one
oh now, everything has begun, every light shining down on you
now suspense fills the truth
so if you walk down and concentrate on the idea that you might
might be somewhere right connected side by side
all and only you know thoughts that you got along in your life time

for everything continually grows, love, love
love, don't you know
oohhmm, yeah
Track Name: Crazy For You
You are somethin’ else to me
And I hope that it’s more than just a dream
But if we break this world at the seams
Just know that I will be waiting on the other side

Some times it’s more than what it seems
Seems to be when I’m with you and you with I, we can talk for miles

I just wanna tell you, I just wanna let you know how I feel
I wanna yell it out to the world, I’m crazy, crazy for you girl
I’m trippin’ up all over myself, you amaze me, each and every day

I wanna yell it out to the world, you’re my angel, my angel, my girl
I’m trippin’ up all over myself, you got me gazin’, gazin’ on you yeah
Track Name: Drive Me Mad
Well she said all my loves been hurtin
well tell me honey, could you tell me was it ever worth it
and everything that you've done, tell me could you stare into the sun
with those truthful eyes
and I would want to hold your heart to the skies
and see if God would smite this life of mine, or
would you take everything that you know and understand
the study of the flow
love baby wont you come on down and follow
I don't understand you sometimes but I don't mind cause
I understand that it aint always right inside of my mind
so I wont jeopardize ALL of our love simply just because
everything some times does eventually go wrong
but I don't mind because I've found time and time and time and time and time goes on
again, and again and again
oh it goes on again, oh love, love love love love
don't you understand well the way that I am is constantly revolving around
I am always ever, ever changing inside of my mind everything is revolving
in time time time time, time time time time, time time time time
you know it's always changing, rearranging this world ever losing our minds
oh baby, in this world that you call yours and mine
oh lovely, honey now could you tell me, could you tell me if it was ever worth it all
oh now you know, now you know
now you know baby, now you know
oh now you know baby because I have opened up these doors out into the world
so if you were to open your eyes and look out into the sun
could you tell me was worth it all
oh baby, oh lovely, lovely honey tell me was worth it all

love, lay your body down, down down down
lay all your love, all of your lovely down down, down
down down down (many more downs)

Lay all of your love down
oh love love love, love love love, oh love, lovely lady o-mine
I know how to drive you wild
ooh and you know how to drive me mad
Track Name: Baby Please Come Home - ft. Evan Bernard
Baby please come home
Baby please come home,
Baby please come home
I’m left here all alone with my feelings shown

I got up this morning
Was thinking bout you baby
I got up this morning,
Was thinkin’ bout you baby
I got up this morning,
Was thinkin’ bout how you make me crazy


Baby lend me some sugar
You got what I need
Baby give me some sugar
My sweet darling honey
Baby bring me some sugar ‘cause
You know ya got what’s for me


Baby please come home
Baby please come home
Baby please come home, I’m left here all alone waitin’ for your call

Where have you been baby?
Where have you been?
Where have you been lately, I’m still here waitin’
And it’s frustratin’
Track Name: Kindle
I see the greener trees,
and love around the leaves
all the Earth grows and intuition it shows
break away from dreams and let your life show what it seems
let your mind open and your heart show exactly what it means

And when you open your eyes, share your love with me
and into your arms I will sleep again, yeah

Ooooo, take a breath in with me
and simply learn to breathe again
and I will show you how it is my friend
Mmmm, I can be a wild flow grown along the shore
and I am certainly sure about you and who I am

So take your plans and open up your mind, your arms
and your love to me
I wanna see you spread your arms and and fly along
the Oceans breeze

'cause I will be your be your Kindle baby,
if you will be my flame
and we will be the greatest fire that this world
has ever seen

Ooh, I will be your kindle babe,
if you will be my flame
and we will be the greatest love that this world
has ever seen

Now open up your eyes, and your mind, and your arms
and your love with open doors

Let your mind out and bring it all open
for everyone to see
Let yourself be exactly who you know you are to be babe,
Oh mine, you know every single day I've known you
you've always been lookin' so fine

And, know that I will be your Kindle
If you will be my flame
And you know, that we will be the greatest fire
the world has ever seen, my girl

I will be your kindle yeah, sing along with me if you will be my flame
and we will be the greatest love this world has ever seen

Ooh my girl..
Track Name: Love Struck And Going Down With Civilization
I'm finding out when you're going down
all the way down to another land
I can't find out til I get there

Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna take you where, where you need to be
and need to see, I'm gonna show you everything
Lovely wont you follow me if you're clever
you will... and I'm gone...

Love, come find me
I'm hiding out and I've been blinded by civilization
so wont you grab onto my hand
and I will lead you out from this land
to the ends of the universe again
I will show you where
we can continue all we had planned

Love come find me
I'll be where you need, love don't get blinded
I'll be where you need me, I do need you

More than you know
more than you know, (squeally sound)
more than you know
Track Name: Stay
Well her eyes were sore, heavy and
Solid red from the tears that she holds
And it woke up us all,
As they cried, together,
And together, they shared their
Fears in their tears

Well his determination sought right,
After all, all he wanted was to live out his life

Though the words he used,
Unkind, she was verbally abused, confused, but not blind

And the tone that he’d choose
In the end would make her cry, but she’d say
“everything’s gonna be alright,” “as long as you love me through the night”

Hey, wait, hey, please don’t go

Wait, hey, babe, please don’t leave

Hey, wait, stay, don’t leave me

We don’t have to lie, oh no
You won’t have to cry no more
We don’t have to fight on love
You’re not walkin’ out that door

Love me baby,
Love me through the night
Love me right babe,
And I’ll stay by your side

We don’t have to fake it, no
We won’t have to cry no more
We don’t have to fight on love
Your not walkin’ out that door
Track Name: Truthful Love - ft. Will Hensley
Well I try, oh I try
I try to walk it out
Many many miles I've gone down that road
I see smiles and lovely faces everywhere I go

Oh lovely, you know, you know
your destination
and in time, in time you can find

You can find it all coming back and forth for your love
I can say, I can say for myself
I can say oh I can say
Love well why have you decided on your love
to go on and love somebody else

Oh I can say, I can say I can say for myself
Oh I can say, I can say I am feelin' like I'm in good health

Oh now now now, baby why you lookin so unsatisfied
Ooh, you gonna accept the love just to sacrifice
I've got to go on and take these wheels for a ride
cause I am gonna ramble on until the day I die, oh

Tell me how do you like your love now honey
cause I can give it to you anyway you want it, yeah
any time of day you please baby, oh
all you've got to show me is your Truthful Love

Truthful love... truthful love

Ooh, you try to walk me over baby, mm yeah
oh, maybe because you know that it drives me crazy
you try to let me go on down that road again
well I've gone out and I have found, well I've found myself
m-m-must go, I've found myself
and now, now love well now you know it's true, yeah
Track Name: Hide And Seek - ft. Will Hensley
Close by Heaven's side
into the sun stay alive into eternity
Love, me and you, we're gonna fly along our own way
of our creation, creativity
Lovely lady, loveless wont you love me
Findin' I'm crazy, a little, aren't we all
Steadily falling down my way along as I skate
along these city streets love, come and find me

I am hiding away,
in this life of ours where we will play hide and seek
lovely wont you come and find me
I am somewhere hiding in a tree
cause you know how I love to climb
Some day, gonna spread my wings and fly high
and Soar way up through the clouds by Heaven's side
Gonna fly on my way and you can fly along I

Love dont you want to be somewhere closer to me
with the sun shining it's warmth on both our hearts
and the love steadily spreading over this world
on just the two of us

Love wont you open your mind and your eyes and
come and find me
I'm somewhere in this world playing our game of hide and seek

Oh love wont you come and find me
I'm still out here playing our little game of hide and seek, love
wont you come and find me down here skating these city streets
love, playing on my guitar, love come and find me
I'm gonna take it far, oh love keep on riding this wave
this wave of ours
Gonna ride this wave all the way
until we're walking by Heaven's side
all the way if we may
just you and I
Track Name: Steady Soul
oh, now now now, can you feel the sun
beating down on everyone
"sup dude, welcome"
and everything that you feel, has begun
it's falling around the world

as you look into your dreams
and you find just what your life seems to mean
forever bring yourself to the one satisfaction guaranteed

falling closer, now now now now, to your dreams
girl, wont you just keep on pushing

as you get on nearer babe, you can understand
where these feelings from your heart are coming from within

oh, steady soul keep the sound vibrating
and the soul on echoing into the wind

love I wanna feel every part of you now
sail along the highlights of your skin
Track Name: Worth It All - ft. Will Hensely
Well I met my woman, oh I met my woman some way along the town
Lovely lady, how many times had you come around
cause I don't, oh I don't believe you oh no, on no common ground
why don't you tell me, why don't you tell me love just where you're going now
oh you wear my ring you better tell me everything
and you better keep your vows love, oh tell me the truth my sweet sweet
sweet, ooh my sweet sweet girl

Lovely wont you come and lay down with your pretty thing
gonna talk about all our memories
oh and you know that it's gonna feel so good love love,
love love, love don't you ever go and turn your back on me

mm yeah come on now darling tell me truthfully
ooh yeah, my honey love, my honey bee
I got to know everything, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
oh love, now wont you come and harness me

cause you know that I'm worth it all
baby now don't you believe?
cause you know that you're worth it all and I'd love to fall
cause you know that everything can change in one single day
love you know that you're worth it all, you're worth it all to me babe

you can go on and walk away
but baby you know that if you are truthful you can stay
and everything that you've done to me
will be always a constant memory of everything that I have become
that I have become
that I have become
that I have become
oh, you make it feel good

"rock on dude"
Track Name: In This Bliss - ft. Will Hensley
Well she stole my heart away, yeah yeah
and all my cares along with a fair trade
of love inside my mind, oh baby
you know how you drive me so crazy sometimes
oh girl the way you move
oh momma I'm gonna take you into the sun
ooh lovely, anything that you want
oh momma, just go on and take your pick
mmm oh yeah yeah yeah, momma just take your pick
and tell me now, are you gonna stick with it

love love, mm
now now, tell me girl

ooh now how you just gonna say to me
love, all your cares gone away and set me free
oh, I'm gonna fly like an eagle love love
oh now, now you've heard every single word and I can't

ooh now momma, why don't you take me down
all the way and I'll come all the way for you now
ooh lovely, dont you lay me lady loveless
I've got to keep in this bliss
cause I need every single second like this
for all our love to go on in this world

now you've heard every single word
aint it obserd all the things that you've done
aint it true that you can do anything that you want to
if you just had begun

now love, take me down all the way, oh yeah yeah
now girl, I know that you can be please to me
all you, please to me

ooh don't you want to go all the way, love love love now I say
everything that you've been to me
oh lovely that I'm so grateful of
love, love don't you see everything over now on a greener side of love, love
love now don't you leave me lady loveless
I've got to stay in this bliss
Track Name: Truth
You leave me guessin’ and waitin’
But I know that I will soon find truth
And I’ve been searchin’ and hurtin’
In time I knew it would lead me to you
And now I’ve found myself goin’ down a one way road
I know I can’t stop now, so I’ll keep on, yeah I’ll keep on goin’

(Keep on, keep on)

There ain’t time in this world for me to think of myself
Gotta keep on workin’, no I can’t slow down
But I’m so glad that I have finally found truth
Yeah, I’m so glad that I have finally found you

I know that I can’t stop now, so I’ll keep on, yeah I’ll keep on goin’
‘cause I’ve found myself down a one way road
There ain’t enough time in this world to think of myself
Gotta keep on workin’, no I can’t slow down
But I’m so glad that I have finally found truth
Yeah, I’m so glad that I have finally found you
I’m so glad that I have finally found truth
Yeah, I’m so glad that I finally have you